Reiki in Finland

Canadian Reiki teacher Wanja Twan (a Master student of Hawayo Takata) was the first one to teach Reiki in Finland. The year was 1985. Next year she gave the Master degree to Aila Norlamo. In the following years Aila Norlamo (1922- 2000) became a seminal figure, the grand old lady of Finnish Reiki. She had more than hundred master students, and her influence is still very strong. Norlamo was the teacher of my Reiki teacher, Leila Anderssén.

Since those early days, Reiki has become one of the most well-known methods of complementary medicine also in Finland. After the mid-1980s tens of thousands of Finns have attended Reiki-seminars.

Traditional Western style Reiki teaching - which my lineage of teaching represents - is still going strong in Finland. Of course, we also have a mixed variety of New Age oriented Reiki styles (like everywhere), which are popular as well. Reiki Network is also quite influential here.

In Finland there are two Reiki associations, Reiki ry (Reiki Network of Finland) and Mikao Usuin Reiki ry (Mikao Usui Reiki Association of Finland). The latter was founded in 2001 to preserve and maintain traditional Reiki teachings and practice in Finland.

Although there have been some positive signs, barriers between complementary and traditional Western medicine still seems pretty high here, which is of course a sad situation for all.